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Easiest Way to Get Your New Job


If you’re in high school or college, you might feel a certain amount of pressure to start building your career right away. Sure, there’s a lot of value in gaining experience and establishing yourself early on in your field. But if you’re still studying, balancing work with school can become arduous very quickly. Luckily for you, there are plenty of work options available that don’t require a high school diploma or even (in some cases) any paid experience at all. Let’s get started!

Consider a temporary or part-time job.

If you’re looking for your first job and don’t have a high school diploma, consider taking on a temporary or part-time job. This can help you get experience that will be valuable on your resume, even if you decide to go back to school later. Plus, it’s easier than ever before to find work without a degree—in fact, more than 40% of US workers have at least some college education under their belts.

In addition to helping build your resume with skills (and possibly even professional references), getting hired by a company as an intern or temp employee can also give you access to mentorship opportunities and networking with other professionals in the field where you want to work long-term.

Apply for internships.

If you’re in the market for a job, it’s time to think about how you can get experience. Internships are a great way to do this. Not only do they give you real-world experience, but they also provide opportunities for networking—a key part of getting your foot in the door at any company.

Some people might shy away from internships because they think they won’t be paid enough or that working as an unpaid intern just isn’t worth it. However, there are plenty of companies that offer paid internships and even some who offer full-time positions after graduation! Just remember: don’t let those fears hold you back; even if an internship doesn’t lead directly into employment with a company, it can still serve as helpful resume fodder when applying elsewhere later on down the line (and even if it doesn’t lead anywhere else?).

Volunteer in your field.

Volunteering is a great way to get your foot in the door. It’s important to find an organization that aligns with your interests and goals. You can find restaurants, breweries, theaters—you name it—that are looking for volunteers to help out with one-time events or seasonal work.

You should also think about other ways you can volunteer: tutoring at schools or working with children at afterschool programs are great options that don’t require any specific skills but will help you gain experience outside of your field of study (and look good on applications).

Find an apprenticeship.

There are several types of apprenticeships, but they all involve a contract between you, the apprentice, and your employer. In this contract, you agree to work for free in exchange for (1) training from an expert in the field; and (2) eventually getting hired at the end of your time as an apprentice.

  • A technician’s apprentice will learn about electrical circuitry by working hands-on with tools and machinery at a local electrician’s shop.
  • A painter’s apprentice might spend weeks learning how to paint houses or cars before being allowed to do any painting on their own.
  • And an auto mechanic’s apprentice might start off under someone else’s supervision while they learn how to fix cars—and then later get promoted into higher roles within their company!

You can get an entry level position without having finished high school

You can get an entry level position without having finished high school.

You can get a job without a college degree.

You can get a job without a postgraduate degree.

You can get a job without a graduate degree.

You can even go on to achieve success with little formal education at all, if that’s the path you choose!


All in all, getting your first job is like jumping on a trampoline. The more you try, the higher you will jump. If you constantly look for opportunities and put your heart into it, you will eventually find the right job for yourself

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