When Are The SASSA Payment Dates For September

When Are The SASSA Payment Dates For September


The R350 Threshold Was Increased Meaning More People Will Qualify

Increased means test from R350 to R624.
This means that from August you cannot be declined unless you have more than R624 that they pick up no longer R350

When Will SASSA Start Paying June Approved Clients

SASSA has started allocating playdates for June yesterday, July and August still pending and previous months approved without playdates, we are aware with all the above and we are currently fighting for you please be patient with us and always remember that we are not SASSA .

SASSA Explain Why Is The Appeal Declined

SASSA has reassured and confirmed that DECLINED beneficiaries who appealed and the REASON for appeal doesn’t correspond with the REASON they were DECLINED for must not worry as it was due to SASSA’s system error.
Appeals will be processed and those who were declined because of the R624 threshold that has been recently changed back to the R350 threshold will be approved.

When Is The SASSA Payment Dates For September

OLDER PERSONS (including linked grants)
2nd September
DISABILITY (including linked grants)
5th September
CHILD GRANTS (including linked grants)
6th September
For those who did not see the announcement with the full years dates please click on the link below no data needed.
You Can Also Refer To A Picture Below

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