Teachers Assistants Claim Your UIF

Teachers Assistants Claim Your UIF

Former Educators Assistants (EA) and General School Assistants (GSA)

As you aware that you were contributing towards UIF and as such you qualify for claiming that UIF back, now that your contracts have ended.

How do you go about doing this?

You need to visit your Department of labour offices and get the following forms :

1. A UIF claim form (UI-2.1) to be filled by you.

2. A UIF employer form (UI-19) to be filled by your former school principal.

3. A UIF bank form (UI-2. to take to your bank and have it filled.

Then submit all these nicely filled forms back to your department of labour office.

NB: Out of the spirit of kindness, I have all the above forms as PDF and I can send them to you via inbox. All for you now will be to print them out, fill them and submit them as advised above.

All the best and good luck on that job hunt🕯️


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