Teachers Assistants Application Online 2022

Teachers Assistants Application Online 2022

How to become a teacher assistant 

Department of Basic Education opened applications for Phase 5 of the Basic Education Employment Initiative on Monday, 1st September, which were due to close soon. The department has open the application period from midnight, 1st September 2022

.Assistant teacher online application form 2022

As with Phase I, applications for BEEI are submitted online via the zero-rated mobi-site, sayouth.mobi. This is done to ensure that applicants spend as little to no money on their applications and to ensure efficiency in the data collection and management, which has been centralised to enable fairness in the recruitment and application process.

Since the opening of the application process on September, the site experienced extremely high traffic volumes, causing it to slow down and occasionally time out. The SA Youth toll-free number was also affected due to receiving up to +50 000 calls per hour.

The total number of applications received were 2 726 117 from 475 918 young people

How do I write a teaching assistant application

The department would like to take this time to assure the eligible youth that the application process does not work on a first come, first served basis; however, all applications must be submitted online , in order to be considered for the available opportunities.

Differentiated Application Process

The Department has introduced an alternative avenue for applicants to submit their applications.

How to apply for teachers assistant

We would like to notify the public that the web-based/ electronic application form is an alternative application method; however, it is not zero rated and will require a small amount of data (3MB) to complete. The mobi-site (sayouth.mobi) is still available for submission of applications.

Applicants must note that application forms must be submitted online, as no walk-ins to schools will be allowed due to Covid19 restrictions and the preparation of the final exams for the year, at both primary and high schools.

Teachers assistants application online 2022

SA Youth has added another web-based/electronic application form that is not linked to, nor dependent on the SA Youth mobi-site in terms of connectivity or stability.

  1.    Visit https://sayouth.me/DBEin order to access the form
  2.    The link will take applicants to the homepage where they will be required to select the province in which they are in.
  3.    Fill in the required fields with your personal particulars and ensure that all information is correct, particularly your contact number.
  4.    Search the name of the school closest to you or click the drop down menu to select the school. Only schools in the province in which you are located, will appear on the list.
  5.    Double check that all information is correct and click submit. If you have applied, there is no need to submit an application.


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