Tips for a successful Interview

Tips for a successful Interview

Tips for success during an Interview

Congratulations! You’ve got a job interview, but what do you do now? Check out these top tips for success to use during your next interview.

Here are some tips:

  • If it is a face-to-face interview, Google the address and make sure you have the right directions to get there.
  • If it’s a digital or online interview, test the meeting software and your internet connection beforehand to make sure you know how it works.
  • Be slightly early for the meeting. 10 to 15 minutes is enough time to show you are prepared and professional.
  • Maintain good posture, don’t slouch.
  • Speak clearly and calmly. Practicing your answers before the interview will help with this.
  • Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer(s), even in an online interview, look at the camera on your phone or laptop.
  • Listen and don’t interrupt the interviewer.
  • Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to interview before leaving. Kindness and friendliness get you jobs!
  • Be ready in case they want to do a skills test.

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