SASSA Reapplication of SRD R350 Grant

SASSA Reapplication of SRD R350 Grant Reapplication of SRD Grant | Who Should Reapply | Read more about it here

Social Relief of Distress Grant, a lot has changed in terms of the requirements, channels of applications to qualification criteria. The current cycle of the SRD Grant has begun in April 2022.

Those who feel that they need the SRD Grant must apply through the available channels and Sassa will have to verify the applications.

If you have previously applied for the R350 Sassa Grant and you have not yet resubmitted your application for the current cycle, then you have to reapply.

What to Know if I want to Reapply?

You can Go to the Sassa SRD website. Scroll down to a section where it says ‘Application Status. Click on ‘Click here to check online

Enter your ID number and cellphone number used when applying previously.

Hit ‘Submit’, and your application status will be displayed. If you have not yet reapplied, the status will display ‘Awaiting reapplication’.

Reapplication and Reconfirmation

Reapplication means resubmitting your application for the SRD Grant. This refers to people who have applied for the grant in the previous cycle. Everyone who has applied before April 2022 has to reply in order to get the grant

On the other hand, reconfirmation means that you are just confirming to Sassa that you still need the SRD grant. However, this process has been scrapped after the new regulations came into effect in recent weeks.

Steps to follow Reapplication of SRD Grant

There are several ways you can use to apply for the R350 grant. Note that, if you have already applied, there is no need to reapply now. But if you have been declined, you can reapply monthly or send an appeal.

Below you will find different channels you can use for reapplication of Sassa R350 Grant Step-by-Step 2022.

Here are the channels you can use to apply for the R350 grant:

Sassa SRD Website

  1. The Sassa SRD Website: You can apply for the grant by visiting the Sassa SRD website. Follow the easy instructions there. Start by entering your ID numbers and cellphone number in the space provided under “Apply” for the grant bar.


  • WhatsApp: 082 046 8553. The second method you can use is WhatsApp. Use the number provided here to start a conversation with the chatbot to apply.


  • USSD Line: Dial *134*7737#. If you prefer applying with a USSD, do so by dialing the number mentioned here and following the instructions thereafter.


  • GovChat: HTTPS: //  Another method you can use is GovChat which is the SA Government messenger chat platform. You may also go to Facebook: in order to use the messenger platform.

    Choose your preferred channel to apply for the SRD R350 grant if you meet the minimum requirements.

SASSA SRD R350 wrong banking details Declined

A SASSA SRD grant recipient receives their payments through their bank account, bank e-wallets, or supermarket till points. It is no longer possible for the post office to distribute the SRD grant payment as it did in the past.

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