SASSA Appeals Have Been Approved Check your status

SASSA Appeals Have Been Approved Check your status

SASSA Appeals Have Been Approved Check your status

Appeal is now approved for some beneficiaries. Please check your status if you were declined and you appealed for May . SASSA Appeals Have Been Approved Check your status

SASSA has called on beneficiaries using the gold card to withdraw their grants from local retailers and ATMS.

SASSA Gold Cards are now working. You may go and collect your grant.
Sassa apologise to beneficiaries using gold cards after they were not able to withdraw their grant payments at post offices and other retail stores.
SASSA is now attending appeals. So keep on checking your status if you were declined.
SASSA clients who have not received their grants are urged to call the Postbank toll-free number (0800 535 455) for assistance. Please have your ID number with you when calling .


• Clients who chose the cash send payment method and have pay dates on their status are advised to contact the bank they have selected if they have not yet received a voucher or mistakenly deleted the message, so that the bank can resend the voucher.
• Clients who chose cash send and have no payment dates, are advised to provide banking details as this might be an indication that they have failed the mobile number verification.


Payment amount and bank details:
• Please be reminded that the COVID-19 SRD payment amount remains R350 per person, for each month they qualify for.
• Beneficiaries are urged to please provide their correct bank account details so that we can timeously facilitate their grant payments. The bank account should still be active and registered in the applicant’s name.


Applicants of the COVID-19 SRD can update their contact details on the SRD website at
Under the tab ‘How do I change my contact details

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