SAPS Recruitment and Hiring Process

SAPS Recruitment and Hiring Process

SAPS Recruitment and Training Model for Entry Level Police Trainees
Maj Gen Leon Rabie, Head of Strategic Management, said the briefing looked at entry level SAPS officers.

Recruitment Model

The regulatory framework for the recruitment model was based on the Constitution, the SAPS Act, the Employment Regulation Act, the Public Service Act, NDP requirements, Strategic Intelligence Act, Employment Equity Act, and Skills Development Act.

SAPS Recruitment Strategy for entry level was aimed at professionalisation of SAPS through recruitment of quality candidates, focusing on quality rather than quantity, and standardising recruitment and selection methods to produce an ethical service. This would improve service delivery and reduce corruption.

SAPS also sought an integrated approach to the recruitment process involving all relevant stakeholders, as well as required consultation taking place.

SAPS was focussing on increasing recruitment from minority groups (white, coloured, Indian, female in general), strengthening the security screening process associated with recruitment, and increasing visible policing within SAPS and capability within social crime.

The requirements of Regulation 11 stated that for a candidate to eligible, one had to be a South African citizen between the ages of 18 and 30, hold a Senior Certificate or National Certificate, proficient in English and one of the other nationally recognised languages, no previous criminal convictions at the time of the background check, hold a valid driver’s licence or a light motor vehicle licence, have no marks or tattoos visible, complete the physical, medical and psychological assessments, and be prepared to serve anywhere in South Africa. These regulations were under review to allow SAPS to do targeted recruitment.

▪ Recruitment and selection included targeted recruitment, particularly community involvement. There was advertisement, application receipt, screening and verification of addresses of individuals. Then a pool of possible candidates would be identified.

▪ Selection included psychometric assessment, integrity testing, physical assessment, and fingerprint taking. This was followed by interviews and reference taking. The final step in the selection process was the recruitment board making the necessary decisions. This was followed by medical testing, security screening and verification of qualifications.

▪ Enlistment involved one week at academy and one month at station level. This was followed by eight months at the academy. Then the code of conduct was signed and oath of office was taken. A 12-month probation period followed which focused on continued in-service development. Thereafter was the final appointment.


Application Process For 2023 SAPS Recruitment

Candidates for the SAPS will be informed verbally and in writing if they successfully complete and pass all three assessments.

Additionally, it is advised that applicants get information on the application procedure at their local police station.

The large number of applications we received, demonstrating young people’s desire to assist in the battle against crime, gives us hope. The youth of South Africa are prepared to support and protect the populace. However, we won’t choose candidates until they’ve aced every stage of the evaluation process.

Lt Gen Bonang Mgwenya, the SAPS’s Deputy National Commissioner for Human Resources Management, stated that “these young individuals will be seen as force multipliers in the fight against crime.”

The SAPS wishes all applicants luck throughout this procedure.

How To Successfully Apply For SAPS Recruitment 2023

I’d want to join the SAPS. Where can I apply? The type of application method you will use must first be decided. The two distinct types are a regular application process and a selected application process. How does one go about applying for a job with the SAPS? All the information you require is available right here.

  • Please visit
  • Search the page for a link to apply.
  • Process your application for the class of 2023.

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