Universities Now Taking 2024 Admission Applications

Universities Now Taking 2024 Admission Applications

It’s that time of the year, applications season. Many universities in South Africa are now taking applications for the 2024 academic year.

These universities all have different closing dates, some closer than others. It is therefore important that you apply as soon as possible to secure your seat at a university in 2024.

The following universities are currently taking 2024 applications :

Universities Now Taking 2024 Applications
  • Unisa.
  • University of Johannesburg.
  • Nelson Mandela University.
  • Central University of Technology.
  • University of Limpopo.
  • Wits University.
  • Tshwane University of Technology.
  • University of the Free State.


Unisa 2024 Applications Guide

Documents Needed For Unisa 2024 Applications

  • A certified copy of your school results
  • A certified copy of any tertiary education academic records
  • A certified copy of your ID document
  • Sworn translations of any documents that are not in English or Afrikaans\

Here’s How To Apply

Step 1: Visit the Unisa website.

Step 2: Select “admissions” in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and “apply for admission” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Select “undergraduate admissions”.

Step 4: Click on “Start the process”.

Step 5: Follow the prompts on the screen.

Step 6: Fill in all your relevant personal details and ensure that you upload all the required documents.

Applications for admission to master’s and doctoral qualifications at Unisa for the 2024 academic year will open on 14 September 2023. Applications for Short Learning Programmes are set to open in November 2023.

University of Johannesburg

How To Apply to the University of Johannesburg

  1. Go to the UJ website
  2. Click on ‘Admissions + Aid’ and then click on ‘undergraduate’
  3. Click on ‘New applicant Apply here’
  4. Fill in the required information
  5. Submit the relevant documents

Application is free so now application fee is needed.

Nelson Mandela University

How to apply

  1. Go to the NMU website
  2. Click on ‘Study @ Mandela’
  3. Click on ‘Application’
  4. Scroll and click on ‘Apply online: prospective and undergraduate students’
  5. Click on ‘Apply online’
  6. Fill in the required information
  7. Submit the relevant documents

Submit these documents along with your application:

  • a copy of your final Grade 11 exam results or;
  • the most recent Grade 12  (June/Sept) exam results (no March results), or
  • a copy of your matriculation certificate/statement of results if you have already passed Grade 12/completed schooling,
  • copies of your diploma/degree certificates plus academic record(s) and certificate(s) of conduct if you have studied elsewhere,
  • a copy of your ID (birth certificate if still waiting for ID),
  • a copy of the identity document of your parent/legal guardian/surety,
  • declaration by your parent / legal guardian / surety which can be found here 
    • If you are a dependent, or currently at school, or studying at a tertiary institution, or have recently left school and do/will not have permanent employment when applying or studying at the university.


University of Limpopo

How To Apply

  1. Apply online here
  2. Once you have submitted your application form, please wait for 4 weeks before checking on your application status.

Online application is free and you will need a valid email address and an internet connection.

Upload certified copies of the following in PDF format when you apply for undergraduate studies:

  • Your ID if you are a South African citizen
  • Your passport if you are an international student
  • Your guardian/parent’s ID or passport if you are younger than 18 years
  • National Senior Certificate if you have already matriculated
  • Your final Grade 11 results with the school’s stamp if you are still in Grade 12
  • Your academic record, only if you are a current student at another institution of higher learning
  • USAf accreditation from the examination board for South African universities, only if you are an international student. Apply to mb.usaf.ac.za for conditional exemption, foreign conditional exemption, or mature age conditional exemption.


Wits University

Here is how to complete your online application:

  1. Visit the application section of the Wits University website
  2. Fill in all the necessary information and ensure that it is correct. Remember to apply using the names reflected on your ID card or in your passport. Do not use initials or nicknames.
  3. Read and accept the university’s legal declaration of indemnity and undertaking.
  4. Upload all your support documents and pay your application fee. If you are unable to do this immediately, you can submit and pay at a later stage via the student self-service portal.
  5. Once you have completed and submitted your online, you will receive an email from the university acknowledging the receipt of your application.
  6. If you receive an offer from the university, you can now accept the offer.
  7. You can track the status of your application to see whether or not you have been accepted.

Tshwane University of Technology

Here is how to submit your online application:

  1. Visit the TUT website.
  2. Click ‘Apply Now’ in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Accept the POPIA form.
  4. Fill in all the necessary details in full.
  5. Ensure that you have included all the important supporting documents and sent them to the TUT admissions office.
  6. Leave the section for the headmaster’s signature open.
  7. The proof of your application form will be processed and sent to the admissions department for acceptance and verification.

Admission requirements vary for each programme and students may be asked to write an admission test for certain programmes, so make sure to check the entrance criteria for your programme before applying.

University of the Free State

How to Apply

  1. Go to the UFS website
  2. Click on the menu bar and once you click on ‘apply’, click on ‘online application’
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘new application’
  4. Fill in the required fields
  5. Upload the following documents in PDF or JPEG format
    • copy of your ID/passport
    • copy of parent’s ID/passport if you are under the age of 18
    • Final Grade 11 results with the school’s stamp
    • National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Grade 12 IEB certificate if you have already matriculated
    • Your academic record, only if you are/were a student at another institution of higher learning
  6. Complete the agreement

University of Mpumalanga

How To Apply Online

Step 1: Click here to apply, accept the application rules and click “continue”

Step 2: Capture your biographical information and click “next” to proceed with your application;

Step 3: Capture results details then add subjects and click “next”;

Step 4: Capture educational institution detail and click “next”;

Step 5: Capture academic application details (choose 2 choices/programmes you wish to apply for), click on “add qualification” and thereafter click “next”;

Step 6: Verify/Check your application details then click “continue”;

Step 7: Create your 5 digit PIN (e.g 24689), click “I accept”(twice) checkbox thereafter click “Submit Application”;

Step 8: Upload your documents, select “yes” on the dropdown list if all your documents are ready to be uploaded and then click “next”;

Step 9: Click “Load/View Document” >> “Upload document” >> “Choose/Browse file” go to the folder where your documents are stored, choose the relevant document and click “save”;

Step 10: Once all documents have been uploaded click “complete upload”;

Step 11: Confirmation Page, end of application

You will need to submit certified copies of your identity document, Senior Certificate/National Senior Certificate and all other relevant documents. You will also need to pay an application fee of R150 (if you’re South African). Applicants from other African countries have to pay R350 while applicants from outside of Africa will pay R500.

University of Fort Hare

How To Apply

Before starting with your application it is important to ensure that you have a valid e-Mail as well as access to a scanner. Applications can be submitted online or manually.

Online applications can be submitted by using the university’s application tool.

Manual applications can be done by completing an application form and submitting it to the university’s offices at the Alice or East London campuses. Click here to download the UFH application form.

Remember to scan all of your required supporting documents when submitting your application online. These include your ID, Results, and Proof Of payment among others. Once you complete your application form, you can then e-mail it to applications@ufh.ac.za along with all the required supporting documents.

Following this UFH will send you an SMS informing you about the status of your application which will be followed by a letter of confirmation once your application has been processed.

It is also worth noting that while there is no charge for online applications, a non-refundable application fee of R120 will be charged for manual applications. The application fee is R500 for international students.

University Of Venda

How to Apply

It is important to note that all applicants including Undergraduates, Postgraduates, South African and International applicants are required to apply online.

To apply online, all applicants are required to have a South African Identify number or Passport Number for International candidates, a ten digits cell phone number and an email address.

During online application process, candidates may save and return at a later stage to complete the application.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to submit your application:

  1. Visit the University of Venda website.
  2. Create a 5-digit pin
  3. Complete your application by pressing “Submit button”
  4. You will then get a student number (NB: you must keep your student number safe for future enquires with the University)
  5. Complete your application and upload the required documents.
  6. Pay the application fee (R100)
  7. After successful submission and completion of your online application, you can log into My access page to access / view your application details.

There are 26 public universities in the country with 25 of them having opened their 2024 university applications already. The University of South Africa (Unisa) is yet to announce their 2024 application dates.

Unisa is expected to release their application dates in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out so that you don’t miss the deadlines

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