Documents needed when applying at UNISA

Documents needed when applying at UNISA:

1. Certified copy of your matric certificate/statement
2. Certified copy of your ID
I don’t mean to discourage y’all or anything but y’all need to hear this
UNISA has increased it’s points requirements so before you apply you will have to check how many points are needed for that particular course. You can have your Bachelor pass from high school but you may not be accepted even if you reached that minimum points they require. Good thing is it will tell you when you’re choosing that “you may not qualify”, NEVER I mean NEVER ignore this part coz they will reject you.
Ok moving forward you can apply for HC courses which take 1 year to complete you will need to pass all your 10 modules and have 65% aggregate for you to enrol for degree course. You will be credited for some modules that you did on your HC, don’t take them slightly khona abantu abenze HC for 3 years beshibilikiswa I module nje iyodwa and you can’t even move to degree without completing your HC so qaphelani.
Aykee guys kwamele nizazi ukuthi nifakaphi kunzima eUNISA lapha you teach yourself to be a teacher. Lalela you will get some people who will look down on you ngenxa yokuthi ufunda UNISA ungabanaki you will get employed with your degree, whichever course you do is no difference from le abanyenzayo nabo it’s the same just that la uyazifundisa and bona they have face to face Lecturers. There are also lecturers eUNISA y’all meet at ZOOM/TEAMS. Ngazi othisha abafunda UNISA, I know Lawyers that are a product of UNISA, I know business women and men abafunda la so mawu weak unfortunately this university is not for fainthearted.
Please choose a course that will benefit you, course that got job opportunities guys uBlade usandakusho ukuthi there are some COURSES kuwo wonke ama varsity that are useles
UNISA Admission Requirements 2022/2023 – Unisa Registrations
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